20 February

PFCCO Strategic Plan to Align the Leagues Services to Achieve Integration

  • Date : Saturday February 20, 2021
  • Venue :

The Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives (PFCCO) held its Strategic Planning session on February 19-20, 2021.  


The session was participated by 10 Board of Directors from 7 Leagues, Sec and Treas, CEO Emma dela Cerna and five other League Managers, and three representatives from Committees (Election and Audit), staff from 6 leagues, and the 2 PFCCO National Staff. The strategic direction for the next three years 2021-2023 is towards an integrated network of strong and sustainable cooperatives in the Philippines.



PFCCO is a founding member of ACCU and one of the oldest federations in Asia.  The network was a two-tier system but changed to a three-tier structure in the early 90s.  Thus, today PFCCO is a network of approximately 900 primary cooperatives from 9 independent regional leagues.



The session emphasized the integration areas that all leagues must comply with for them to achieve their vision. The strategic plan would mean aligning the services, activities, and performance of the leagues in which PFCCO has to coordinate and support.


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