29 January

Philippine Coops Intensify Climate Actions

  • Date : Friday January 29, 2021
  • Venue :

 A series of trainers' training workshops on CU contribution on SDGs 13 – Climate Action continued in 2021 with the NATCCO and PFCCO's collaboration on January 15-17 and 27-29, 2021, respectively.   


 "The existing climate change policies and programs are not sufficient to address the number one global problem, and there you have it.  Climate change is and should be on top of every country's list of concerns that must be attended to and using all its resources," PFCCO Chairperson Atty. Gloria Futalan emphasized in her welcome speech.  


"This gathering is an opportunity for us in the cooperative movement to pay attention to what we can do on a collective basis and integrate climate change into all our activities regardless of the type of cooperatives we are part of," Atty. Futalan added.


The training aims to deploy the Credit Union Business Solution no. 26 - Guide to Credit Unions on Climate Action. The solution is a menu of programs set around the household, credit union, and communities. 


"The credit union movement represents a significant number of 40 million members in Asia. Every individual has the responsibility to save the planet earth by changing their behavior towards it," said ACCU CEO Leni San Roque. Limiting our individual's carbon footprint is a very significant contribution, she added. "Even the smallest act of controlling carbon footprint counts when it's done religiously by credit unions," she reminded.


PFCCO training manager Ernan Palabyab and NATCCO Climate Action coordinator Lasalette Gumba turned the staff and leaders they trained as Climate Warriors.  They will work with their credit unions to build a substantial number of advocates for climate action.  "Climate change is impacting the lives of the members. The recent Typhoon and flooding in the Philippines made hundreds of thousands of people back to poverty," said Ernan Palabyab.  Lasalette agreed that Climate Change is an issue affecting the core business of the coops.


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