23 November

DFIC Members Organized the First Meeting to Identify Asian Challenges 

  • Date : Monday November 23, 2020
  • Venue :

On November 23, the first meeting of the Digital Finance and Infrastructure Committee (DIFC) was held online for the introduction of the committee members and update the status of the project on Digital Finance Inclusion through Credit Union.

DFIC members are representatives from national service organizations of CUs. The members of the Committee include representatives from ACCU’s regular and / or associate members as appointed by the ACCU Board of Directors.  National CU leagues and CU federations may have their own their sub-committees that oversee, monitor, and report to the DFIC. These sub-committees will implement the standards and recommendations of DFIC and develop national specific plans and roadmaps based on their respective country payment system dynamics.   

The committee member comprised of :
Ms. Evangeline Lopez 
Head of the payment services group / Kaya Payment Platform manager – NATCCO

Fr. Fredy Rante Taruk 
Chairman of CU Sauan Sibarrung / CU volunteer trainer and advisor – CUCO

Mr. Badri Guragain 
Chief Executive Officer – NCBL

Mr. Eo, Choong-Sun 
IT senior management – NACUFOK   

Mr. Ranjith Hettiarachchi 
Chief Technical Officer - ACCU 

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