23 September

COVID - 19 Response was the Board’s Attention at its Regular Meeting

  • Date : Wednesday September 23, 2020
  • Venue : Nonthaburi

 Since the outset of the pandemic, the Board of Directors has been closely monitoring the impacts and responses to COVID-19 of credit unions and the continuity of services of ACCU to its members. 

Similar to the past three Board meetings, the 103rd Board of Directors Meeting was held virtually via the Zoom application on September 23, 2020.  

The CEO Elenita San Roque report that five Business Solutions were released to help credit unions respond to the impacts of the pandemic. ACCU member federations were consulted, trained, and coached on the implementation of the following solutions: 
•    Business Solution No. 26 – Guide to Credit Unions on Climate Action
•    Business Solution No. 27 – Guide to Credit Unions: Impacts and Responses to COVID-19
•    Business Solution No. 28 – Guide to Wealth Creation for Members
•    Business Solution No. 29 – Business Continuity Plan Template 
•    Business Solution No. 30 – Personal Financial Plan Template

The Board approved the Business Continuity Plan and the services were moved from in-person to virtual delivery. From March to September, a total of 531 credit union leaders and professionals were engaged in training and consultations.  

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