15 September

Thai National Savings Day Kicks Off with a Press Conference

  • Date : Tuesday September 15, 2020
  • Venue : Nonthaburi

 Following the World Savings Day on October 31, the cooperative movement of Thailand appoints the same day as the National Savings Day in the country. 

Led by the Cooperative League of Thailand, Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Thailand, Credit Union League of Thailand, and Sahalife Insurance, the celebration kicked off with a press conference on September 15, 2020. 

The press conference was intended to raise public awareness on the role of the cooperative movement in building the savings habit of members leading them to a higher standard of living and a secure economy. For 2020, the Thai cooperative movement has targeted to reach a gross amount of 50 billion baht (USD 1.6 billion) in savings.

The Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department Mr. Phichead Wiriyaphaha emphasized the importance of savings for Thai people. He assured the government's support to the cooperatives’ sector.

The World Savings Day was established on October 31, 1924, during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress (World Society of Savings Banks) in Milan, Italy. In the resolutions of the Thrift Congress, it was decided that 'World Savings Day' should be a day devoted to the promotion of savings all over the World. 

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