26 August

Strategic Leadership Session: Advancing Leadership Impact by Knowing the WHY

  • Date : Wednesday August 26, 2020
  • Venue :

 The Chair of the Global Women Leadership Network (GWLN) Susan Mitchell had a powerful message to more than 140 women and men who joined the Strategic Session on August 26, 2020 via Zoom. She explained how each one of us can advance our leadership impact by knowing the WHY?

Susan emphasized that GWLN is a powerful tool, it’s a prestigious Organization. “We need to demonstrate the power of a CU network and engage with a message that builds awareness of need while focusing on solutions. Make your time count!”  She shared how we can create impact as follows:  

•  ACCU goal: The Why: Reaching the youth and women to ________________!
•  Start Saving. Educate. Create jobs? Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.
•  Let’s determine the # of women within the region.
•  How many children can they reach?
•  Begin to offer ACCU solutions. Educational programs. Business Development Centers.
•  Engage your CEO / your Board to be inclusive and garner their support.
•  Commit nationally.
•  Communicate internationally.
•  Local goal: The Why: In (Name of country) we want to reach youth and women to __________!
•  Personal goal:  The Why: I want to volunteer my time to reach youth and women within the industry, within my community, within my credit union to advance my leadership impact.

The session ended with messages of hope they displayed at the group photo. ACCU cannot thank you enough for your participation for this powerful and inspiring session. Our thanks go to GWLN Chair Susan Mitchell, WOCCU President and CEO Brian Branch, SerTech CEO Shana Richardson, sisters from the US, and all attendees in Asia. 

We together can make a difference. We encourage you to be engaged. ACCU is committed to provide you with necessary tools to advance your impacts to your members and communities. 

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