20 August

HRD Workshop to Build Business Resiliency for Credit Unions

  • Date : Thursday August 20, 2020
  • Venue :

 ACCU prepared a Guide to Credit Unions: Business Continuity Plan Template assigned as Business Solution no. 29 to accelerate the deployment of a plan to mitigate risks posed by the ongoing pandemic. 

The cooperative financial institutions would rely on the resilience of people – their members, staff and communities, for their own resilience.  Thus, CU business continuity plan will not only concentrate only on the organization recovery and operation plan but also extend its strategy in relation to improve the physical and financial heath of people who are core pillars of the cooperative.  

On August 18-20 and 31, 2020, 26 attendees from Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines have successfully completed the program. At the end of the training, at least 20 BCPs were completed by participants; it is either for their credit union or a credit union they assisted. “The BCPs are prepared based on actual situation and can be operationalized upon approval of the board,” suggested ACCU CEO. The participants completed the BCPs with the involvement of the credit unions leaders and management. 

The template provided a framework that enables credit unions to identify risks and responses on the areas of risk around members, staff and institution. The tool also provides member interview tool and sample policy templates to support the new normal operation of the credit unions. 

The CEO of Australian Mutual Banks and Director of Australian Mutuals Foundation was the keynote speaker on August 18.

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