14 August

Sister Society Chapters Continue to Spread in Asia

  • Date : Friday August 14, 2020
  • Venue :

 More than 80 women leaders and He for She leaders joined the virtual launch of new sister society chapters in Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, India, the Philippines, and Thailand in a virtual launching on August 14.
GWLN Program Director of WOCCU Lena Giakoumopoulus shared that there are 120 sister society chapters in 27 countries. She pointed out that women are more vulnerable to COVID 19 related economic effects because of existing gender inequalities. 
SICREDI’s topnotch woman leader Gisele Gomes joined live from Brazil with her inspiring message for the men and women in Asia. SICREDI is the credit union movement in Brazil with more than 4.6 million members from 110 credit unions, served by 1,900 branches across 27 states. It’s SICREDI’s vision to establish sister society chapters in every credit union to connect them globally for professional development and motivation to create a difference. 
The General Manager of the Most Holy Rosary MPC Joselita Cardona how her coop reached out to the least, the lost and the last in the communities they serve. Cardona is one of the 2020 GWLN scholarship recipients.   
Tagum Coop Chair Rosalina Argent, an advocate of financial literacy encouraged attendees to help their members become financially resilient so that they will not find themselves in serious financial trouble in times of emergency. Cooperatives must help members practice ‘self-help’ as she believes it will help them build wealth and ultimately achieve financial independence.  
ACCU envisions that Sister Society serves as a platform in raising the bar of commitment of women leaders in creating impact and reaching out low income women members through business development services. 

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