10 June

DEs Called for to Raise Awareness on Impacts & Responses to COVID 19

  • Date : Wednesday June 10, 2020
  • Venue :

ACCU reached out to the 824 graduates (26 batches) of the Asian Development program to share the Business Solution No. 27 – A Guide to Credit Union: Impacts and Responses to COVID-19. A total of 5 webinars were held on May 28, 29, June 4, 5 and 10. 

“By raising awareness of the DEs on the impacts and responses to COVID 19, credit unions can be in a better position to work their way to resiliency,” according to CEO E. San Roque. DEs are still involved as either employees or volunteers in the credit unions. 

The Business Solution no. 27 is ACCU contribution guide Asian credit unions analyze risks and focus on what is urgent to protect members, employees and institution. “We are happy to see posts on Facebook on the dissemination of the solution to credit unions,” noted ACCU CEO.

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