08 May

ACCU Online Meeting Addressing the impact of COVID19 on Members of Credit Unions

  • Date : Friday May 08, 2020
  • Venue :

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 during first quarter of 2020, ACCU is aware that there have been a lot of discussions on how credit unions should respond to mitigate the risks on its operations. ACCU believes it is critical to address the challenges of members as they are the foundation of our institution. Most of our members who are relying on daily wages lost their income due to lock down, their health is at risk, they are indebted and thus cannot pay the loans. This is the time where credit unions should enter into the financial lives of members to give them hope and see opportunities in rising above financial trouble.

On May 8, ACCU organized an online consultation meeting participated by Sister Society leaders and promoters in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Thailand. ACCU ensures that women lens is considered in the Guidance to Credit Unions - Impacts and Responses to Pandemic, assigned as CU Business Solution No. 27. The solution will be presented to the CEOs of member organizations by May 15, who in turn will disseminate to their networks.
Here is the link: https://youtu.be/-wb_pI_LzXc

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