10 March

ACCU Secretary/ Program Takes on the Coordination of Sister Societies

  • Date : Tuesday March 10, 2020
  • Venue :

Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions on Monday, March 9 is tasked the Secretary/Program Ms. Kunkanya "Funn" Saramanee to coordinate the Sister Societies activities in Asia. The Sister Societies are the local chapter of the Global Women's Leadership Network (GWLN).
ACCU promotes the establishment of Sister Societies that serves as platform for women and men in credit unions to elevate women to leadreship roles and gain economic empowerment through enterprises. More than 50% of credit union members in developing countries in Asia are women. They need business support to create business that generates dependable income.
Funn will maintain the names of the Sister Societies organized around Asia and report to GWLN the activities of Sister Societies in Asia. ACCU has assisted in organizing 36 Sister Societies in 6 countries with 2,339 members. For more information, you can email Ms. Kunkanya to accumail@aaccu.coop.

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