14 February

Four New Sister Societies Launched in India

  • Date : Friday February 14, 2020
  • Venue :

During her mission in India ACCU CEO Elenita V. San Roque was welcomed by the members of Sister Society in Kalyani Mahila (Women) Urban Credit Co-operative Society at their meeting on February 13. Four sister societies were launched thereafter in four cooperatives: Arth Nagari Credit Co-operative Society, Adarsh Mahila Nagari Credit Co-op Society, Dhanlaxmi Women's Co-operative Credit Society and Samata Nagari Co-operative Credit Society. These sister societies have approximately 400 members.  

The establishment of Sister Societies in India was part of MAFCOCS Director Anjali Patil and CEO Sureka Lawande action plan after attending the Business Development Services Training organized by ACCU in April 2019. It is through the Sister Societies where the cooperative can deliver their financial literacy and business development services training. Most of the women came from the Self-help groups organized by the cooperatives. 
ACCU CEO and CTO were speakers at the International Conference organized by MAFCOCS on February 15. The more than 10,000 cooperative leaders from Maharashtra submitted a written appeal to the Minister of Cooperatives who was the chief guest of the event. The appeal was in relation to new regulation on the supervision of cooperatives. 
ACCU CEO and CTO were welcomed by Nighoj Co-operative Credit Society, Shrimant Peshave Credit Co-op Society and Sinnar Taluka Federation. The CEO expressed her deepest appreciation on the warm reception and high respect shown by Indian cooperators led by MAFCOCS Chair Mr. Kaka Koyote. 
The Maharashtra Federation of Co-operative Credit Societies or MAFCOCS is the secondary organization of financial cooperatives in Maharashtra state of India. It approximately represents more than 20 million individual members. 

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