03 December

NEFSCUN Partners with District Unions to Support Integration of SACCOS movement

  • Date : Tuesday December 03, 2019
  • Venue :

 In a workshop held on December 3, NEFSCUN called upon the chairs and General Managers of District Unions to come up with win-win solution in the delivery of services to SACCOS. Facilitated by ACCU, both parties agreed that the impact of their existence is helping members, especially the disadvantaged, to uplift their socioeconomic wellbeing. Thus, NEFSCUN takes leadership to transform the movement in an integrated operation for efficiency and effectiveness.

The workshop emphasized that NEFSCUN and DUs have only one focus which is the integration of the SACCOS network. Thus, the business of the DUs is to ensure an increased level of integration based on the four elements: pooling of resources, standardization, contractual solidarity and structure of governance. The workshop concluded with a list of compliance required from DUs.

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