05 December

Preparation for the 2020 Asian Credit Union Forum Starts

  • Date : Thursday December 05, 2019
  • Venue :

 As soon as the 2019 Forum was completed, ACCU management started the planning for the 2020 forum set to happen in Nepal on September 20 to 27, 2020.

ACCU Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer met with the Chairmen, CEOs and senior management of the hosts: Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Unions (NEFSCUN) and National Cooperative Bank Ltd. (NCBL) on November 30 to December 5 to scout for appropriate venue. Considering the capacity of the venues, the forum for 2020 can accept maximum 400 international attendees. Prospective venue was shortlisted. It is anticipated that the selection of the venue can be finalized by January 2020.

Nepal, dubbed as “Roof of the World” has altitudinal range that goes from as low as 59 meters up to 8,848 meters. Since Nepal holds a major part of the Himalayas, it’s no wonder that 8 out of 10 of the world’s highest mountains are in Nepal.

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