02 September

FSCT Celebrates the 47th Anniversary Vowing to Escalate National Saving

  • Date : Monday September 02, 2019
  • Venue : Bangkruay

 For its success to reach the landmark of the 47th Anniversary of the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative ltd. (FSCT), the 2nd largest of saving and cooperative federations in Asia, ACCU would like to express our delight and deliver the congratulation message to the board of directors and management of FSCT. As Buddhist culture alms-given e was offer to the monks.

The celebration event was held at FSCT building in the morning of September 2nd along with the press conference to launching International Saving Day on October 31st. It was organized by seven typed cooperative in Thailand and Cooperative promotion department and hosted by the FSCT. It was attended by more than hundred participants who are government registrar, cooperative leaders, and representatives from all seven type cooperatives in Thailand.
Director General of Cooperative Promotion Department Mr. Pichet Viriyapaha graced the event and delivered his opening remarks emphasizing the importance of saving as the essential tool for people development and growing national economy. The cooperatives are responsible to create the good governance and transparency and promote financial literacy among all cooperative members and committees. Pol. Lt. Gen. Viroj Satayasansakul FSCT president encourage all the cooperative leaders to participate actively saving campaign to reach the savings target . Also, thanks to CLT and all cooperative leaders to showing the solidarity of the cooperative in Thailand.
To demonstrate the cooperation of Thailand Cooperatives, all seven national cooperative leagues have make a pledged to commit in driving awareness and promote saving activities within its network and mobilizing savings for more than 50 billion baht by this year.
International Savings day celebration will be grand celebration on October 31, 2019 with the head of the government and all the cooperative organization in Thailand
ACCU CEO and Management actively participate the program and presented the token of appreciation to FSCT.

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