16 June

KKP One Day Reflection Session Opens Door for Continuing Board Development

  • Date : Sunday June 16, 2019
  • Venue :

 On June 16, ACCU facilitated a reflection session for the Board and senior management of KKP or Workers’ Cooperative Credit Society in Malaysia.  The facilitators, ACCU CEO Leni San Roque and CTO Ranjith Hettiarachchi reminded the Board on the mission of credit unions, the qualities and values needed for an efficient director, emotional intelligence and the future of KKP. 

The one-day session served as an opening door to continue the board development program for KKP. “We are seeking the assistance and guidance of ACCU in developing our Strategic Plan and training the Board to ensure KKP remains relevant and wanted by our people,” said Chairman Dr. Arumugan. The one-day session was an eye opener, added Dr. Arumugan. 

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