04 May

The Chapter with flying colors

  • Date : Saturday May 04, 2019
  • Venue :

The Kalimantan Chapter in Indonesia with 31,2018 credit union members organized a successful Forum in Semarang on 30 April-4 May 2019 with the theme “Rekindling Raiffeisen’s Ideologies in Credit Union on Millenial Era” followed by two workshops and her AGM. There were over 250 participants from her 43 Credit unions and from other parts of Indonesia. Colorful and meaningful flags, banners and trophies of credit unions were displayed in the hotel hall, the venue of the seminar. The flags and trophies are hand made with traditional art work and most of them are embroidered.

The two workshops were on payment platform and insurance.
On the day after the seminar, the participants visited credit unions, in Semarang separately, i.e. CU Pangudi Luhur Kasih, CU Deus Providebit and CU Kridha Rahardja.
The Chapter is very supportive of CUCO Indonesia and ACCU. Father Fredy Rante Taruk, the adviser of the Chapter translated and published ACCU’s solution #22-“Managing Yourself for Others” course and trained many leaders to conduct the course. 
(Andrew So, Founding President of ACCU)

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